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Swain's Charcoal Steak House
AAA of South Carolina
Alamance Community College
Orme Hardware
Berkeley Lanes
etc. etc.


Archbishop Lefebvre: A Documentary
Meet Michael: A Polish Youth

Meet Andre: A Brazilian Youth
Linking The Past To The Present: The European Legacy

Living In Western Europe: People And Places


Guerrilla Tactics for Getting Your Voice Mail Messages Returned
Studying for the Canadian Citizenship Test


AWS Air Reels Harvesting Systems
Alamance Community College
Lionel Model Trains
The Friendship Circle of Brooklyn, NY
Shanghai Art Museum
Zwart Systems
The Nativity Cross

Telephone Systems

Alamance Community College
Carolina Cable
Southport Business Park

Public Address

Aquatics: North Carolina Special Olympic Games, World Special Olympic Games
Baseball: Burlington Royals (Minor League Baseball), University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Basketball (Men's): University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Basketball (Women's): NC State University, NCAA Division I Tournament
Football Press Box: NC State University
Softball: NC State University
Volleyball: NC State University

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